14 Sports Records That Will Never Be Broken

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It is said that records are made to be broken. Though this may be true, there are some records that may never be broken. These are records that fans look at and wonder how they were even set in the first place, that is how extraordinary they are. Wayne Gretzky retired from the NHL in 1999 with most of the league’s scoring records, including most career points and most points in a season. The Great One is likely to hold these records forever because the NHL has transitioned into a more defense-conscious style of play. While the landscape of the NHL has changed, baseball players looking to break Rickey Henderson’s stolen base record can take solace in knowing that the distance between bases has stayed the same. Nevertheless, there may never be another base stealer like Henderson. Some of the most unbreakable records in sports can take a player’s entire career to set, while others can take just a single game.

14. Byron Nelson – 11 PGA tour wins in a row

The father of the modern golf swing really put the field in his wake in 1945. While World War II still raged in Europe and the South Pacific, Lord Nelson tore up the golf courses of Canada and the U.S., winning an incredible 11 tournaments in a row. No one has come close since, and never will. Even though the equipment and technology are better and the fitness and nutrition programs top notch, no modern pro will ever stand on 18 on Sunday, victorious, 11 consecutive times. Not Rory, not Tiger and not Phil. Just finishing top 10 for 11 successive tournies would be feat enough. And, oh yah, Nelson won a total 18 tournaments in ’45.

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