10 Highest Paid Athletes in 2013

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Celebrity status, numerous records, and over $550 million collectively earned in the past year. All of those things and more are included in this list, as we count down the highest paid athletes for the 2013. Athlete earnings can be complicated, with contract bonuses and incentives, plus endorsement deals. Just to be clear, all earning figures have been taken from the annual Forbes list, the experts at all things financially related. The list contains a tennis champion, two golfers, two elite American football players, two basketball legends and three soccer players. Kicking it off (pun intended) at #10 is a Portuguese legend in the making

#10 – Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo became the most expensive footballer in history when he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2009 in a transfer worth roughly $131.6 million USD. His annual salary with Real Madrid is worth €21 million per year after taxes, making him the highest-paid footballer in the world. Also of note, the buyout clause on Ronaldo’s deal is €1 billion. With over 400 career goals, Ronaldo’s trophy case includes: two European Golden Shoe awards, two FIFA/Ballon d’Ors, two FWA Footballer of the Year awards, the FIFA World Player of the Year, FIFPro Player of the Year, World Soccer Player of the Year, and the Onze d’Or. To supplement his salary, Ronaldo signed endorsement deals with Emporio Armani, Coca-Cola, Castrol, Motorola, Jacob & Co., Herbalife and KFC to name a few, raking in nearly another $21 million in the year.

AP Photo/Paul White

AP Photo/Paul White

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