10 Athletes Who Blew Through Their Money


We’ve all seen their smiling faces, lit up by the white hot spotlight of a press conference, shaking hands with an owner/GM as they agree to the “big contract.” In the era of free agency, in particular, it is commonplace to see an athlete of prodigious talent sign a big money, long-term deal after playing for rookie bucks. The team is happy, the player is happy and usually the fans are happy. It’s when these athletes start spending the big bucks that largesse, youthful exuberance and just plain stupidity and ignorance cause that money to drain away — fast. Once the entourage, hangers-on, financial “advisors”, the taxman and a slew of others have a say, some big name athletes actually go broke, becoming cautionary tales for those coming next. Even with all the evidence to the contrary, wealthy sports superstars find new ways to blow through millions and end up on the skids.

10. Terrell Owens

Sublimely talented and extremely confident, Owens was one of the best wide receivers in the game and he made millions doing it. He led the NFL in touchdowns three times in 15 seasons, was a first team all pro five times and was tops in over-the-top end zone celebrations. However, Owens always had that chip on his shoulder and pissed off just about everybody along the way, including the mothers of his four children. He confessed to Dr. Phil that he had blown through almost $100 million and paid out $45-50,000 per month in child support as late as 2012. The shameless self-promoter is now shilling for something called “The Rack” and is a cause celebre on the Pro Bowling Tour.

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, file

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, file

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