11 Greatest World Cup Goals in History

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The World Cup is soccer’s biggest showcase. Every four years, the best players in the world come together to compete for one of the most sought after trophies in all of sports. The pressure of it all has made some stars crack (See: headbutt; Zidane – 2006). Others, however, rise to the occasion and produce some spectacular moments. Over the course of nineteen different tournaments (if you count the somewhat unofficial edition in 1950), there have been amazing goals, questionable calls, dreams realized, and hopes dashed. As we approach another tournament this summer in Brazil, let’s take a look at the eleven greatest goals in World Cup history.

11. Lothar Matthäus vs. Yugoslavia – 1990

Matthäus captained West Germany to the country’s third consecutive final in 1990, and it’s second in a row against the legendary Maradona and his Argentina side. Along the way, he ran the German midfield and controlled the tempo of the games. Against Yugoslavia, he scored a pair of goals, including this dazzling run from the halfway line followed by a cracking shot to finish it off. Matthäus would also avenge losing the 1986 Cup to Maradona by helping Germany defeat Argentina in the final, finally being able to lift the trophy.

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