Mario Balotelli’s 11 Craziest Moments


Mario Balotelli is one of the best footballers in the world. He may also be most insane of them all. For every moment of brilliance, there seems to be a corresponding mental breakdown that causes him to do, or say, things that would be completely unthinkable to your average, rational, human being. Balotelli certainly craves the spotlight and the attention that being a top player attracts, but in many cases it’s the wrong kind of attention. The Italian striker has had a career of ups and downs across three of the biggest teams in Europe, Internazionale, Manchester City, and AC Milan, plus 29 national caps for the Azzurri. He is constantly falling in and out of favour with managers and fans alike. Here is a look at Super Mario’s 11 most outlandish moments.

11. Failed Attempted Back Heel

In a pre-season tour of North America, Mario’s team was playing one of the top teams in Major League Soccer, the LA Galaxy. He found himself all alone in front of the goal, with only the keeper to beat. But rather than just score a simple goal, he tried for an insane spinning back heel, which went laughably wide. Not only did the crowd boo his insulting attempt, but his own teammates looked on in disbelief. To make matters worse, his manager pulled him out of the game immediately, which was only in the 29th minute.

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