The 18 Most Expensive Transfers in Soccer History

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If you follow soccer, you’ll know that player movement doesn’t follow the traditional ‘trade’ model of the big North American sports. Instead, teams simply shell out cash and buy players they want. Over the years, the record transfer fee has grown to ridiculous proportions, climbing close to the 100 Million Euro mark. As the fight for Champions League supremacy rages on in Europe, teams are more willing to splurge for bigger names and better players than ever before. Foreign owners with deep pockets have contributed to driving prices up, up, and up some more. Many of the game’s best players have been transferred at some point in their career.  Here are the most pricey player purchases of all time.

18. Fernando Torres – Chelsea

Price: €58 million in 2011 ($66.2 million USD)

Fernando Torres was unstoppable after his transfer from Atletico Madrid to Liverpool. With 81 goals in 142 appearances for the Reds, Roman Abramovic and Chelsea couldn’t resist. They literally made Liverpool an offer they couldn’t refuse.  Torres was on his way to London, netting Liverpool close to a €40 million profit on the player. He never reclaimed his golden form for the Blues, with his goal production cut almost in half. After multiple loans to A.C. Milan, Torres found a new lease on his career when he returned to Atletico in 2015. Still, he never lived up to the price tag that Chelsea paid.

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