The 15 Most Overrated Players In The NHL


To overrate: rate, value or estimate too highly.

The term overrated gets tossed around a lot in the wide world of sports, for good reason.

Professional athletes are not only drafted and developed by their teams, they are also commodified and sold like cattle on an open market.

The NHL, with its salary cap in place, is hardly the worst offender when it comes to over-valuing and subsequently overpaying its star performers. However, that is not to say there have been many blunders by hockey departments, wherein players are paid for past performance, only to put in shoddy efforts thereafter.

We will preface things though, by saying that the expectations on a player and the accompanying hyperbole surrounding them, is often way overstated. Thus, a player can become overrated simply because too many people said nice things about them, without a whiff of criticism.

Though, this is not to say that a passle of current players aren’t worthy of the “overrated” tag. Here are 15 whose hype exceeds their paycheque, with some repeat offenders.

15. Andrew Ladd – New York Islanders

There is no disputing that Andrew Ladd was a great leader in Winnipeg and had great credentials like winning two Stanley Cups with Carolina and Chicago. So, when he became available on the open market, the Islanders jumped at the chance to solidify a line-up that went to the second round of the playoffs for the first time in years. GM Garth Snow plunked a seven-year deal worth $38.5 million in front of the veteran left winger and he in turn happily signed it. That deal made him the highest paid (per annum) player on the team, along with John Tavares. However, is Ladd in Tavares’ league talent wise? Hardly, and the Islanders came with the Benjamins for his work ethic, leadership capability and defensive intangibles. Yet, the supposition of decent offensive numbers was there too. To date, Ladd is a bust, having scored just eight goals and four assists in 41 games, far below his career average of over half a point per game (he had 466 points in 769 games coming in).

(AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

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