10 Stanley Cup Favorites for 2014


Playoff time for the National Hockey League is just around the corner, and while certainly any team who makes is to the post-season can make a Cup run, we have decided to count down our top-10 favourites to drink from Stanley’s mug when its all said and done. For comparison sakes, the Oddshark.com betting lines have been included primarily for reference. Disclaimer: sports betting should not be based solely on our opinion (but we do know what we’re talking about). So with out further adieu, here are our rankings counting down the to #1:

#10- Minnesota Wild

The Lightning narrowly beat out the Colorado Avalanche and the Toronto Maple Leafs on our list of Stanley Cup contenders for 2014. The three teams are very comparable in that they all boast some elite talent at forward, all have teams getting somewhat surprising elite goaltending, and lack some depth and elite talent on defense. Josh Harding has truly been an inspirational story, posting a breakout performance in net and is in the Vezina trophy conversation, all the while battling the vicious MS disease. The Wild have a strong group of forwards in Zach Parise, Mikko Koivu, Mikael Granlund, Jason Pominville, and newly acquired Matt Moulson. On the back-end, Olympian Ryan Suter leads a young but efficient squad that includes the underrated Jonas Brodin. The top end talent, especially in Suter, allow the Wild to just make it to the 10th spot on our list.

Oddshark.com odds to win the Cup: 28/1

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

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