Tom Brady Does a Terrible Impersonation of The Rock [Update: The Rock Responds]

Via Facebook

Man, Tom Brady has quite the life. Super Bowl trophies, super model wife, millions of dollars, and his own line of muscle healing pajamas — sorry, “sleepwear.”

In his latest endorsement deal, Brady has teamed up with Under Armour to make “TB12 Athlete Recovery Sleepwear,” something that the company says will help athletes recover faster after grueling games or training sessions. Apparently part of that deal is calling out former WWE champion and current movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and telling everyone on Facebook that Brady is going to send him some PJs. And he throws in a terrible impression of one of The Rock’s signature catch phrases from his wrestling days.

Just watch this train wreck of an attempted viral video:

Sorry, Tom. We’re still not buying your $100 pajamas. Maybe The Rock will. He has more money than we do.


The Rock has indeed responded and it’s all a bunch of BS marketing for overpriced Under Armour gear. Still, The Rock lays into Brady pretty hard here (and he uses the word Penissaurus), so it’s worth a watch.

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