NFL Playoffs 2017: Ranking Each Team’s Chances

11. Detroit Lions

The Lions don’t have a hope in hell. Why? Because Seattle. The Lions limp into the wild card game Saturday (which they have never won, going 0-8) at hostile CenturyLink Field, also with the dubious distinction of not having won an outdoor game this season (0-3). Need further advance proof the Lions won’t get it done? In the Super Bowl era, they have never won a road playoff game, going 0-10. The Leos also dropped three straight clinkers to finish the year 9-7, starting with an odious 17-6 loss to the Giants on Dec. 18 and followed by defeats to Dallas (42-21) on Boxing Day and 31-24 to Green Bay on New Year’s Day. Detroit’s only hope rests on the arm of Matt Stafford, who was better (compared to his previous two outings) against Green Bay, but that is relative, considering most of the Packers’ secondary was in the MASH unit. What’s troublesome about Stafford is the fact he’s thrown five of his 10 interceptions in the last four games and Seattle comes in with the eighth best pass defence. Good as gone, they are.

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

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