9 Running Backs Who Went “Beast Mode”

AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt

When the cold weather games start in the NFL, it’s very apparent that teams switch their focus from passing the ball to running the ball. November and December seem to be the best months for running backs, with all but one player on this list making history in these two months. Being a running back is a grueling task, often wearing down elite athletes in only 6 or 7 years. In fact, the average running back career is only 3 years. The players on this list, however, are anything but average. At least one time in each of their careers, they had a spectacularly above-average performance. Here are the best nine examples of running backs who went into “Beast Mode” for a game.

9. Jamal Lewis – September 14, 2003

Jamal started running and never looked back; he killed the Cleveland Browns defense, rushing for 295 yards that day. He ran the ball 30 times, with an unheard of 9.8 yards per carry. And in the first minute of play, he ran in for an 82 yard touchdown. He did the same thing in the 4th quarter, when he ran in a 63 yard touchdown within the first 30 seconds of the quarter. Jamal started and finished this game, leading the Baltimore Ravens to victory, beating the Browns by 20 points.

AP Photo/Mike Groll

AP Photo/Mike Groll

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