9 Best Running Back Duos in NFL History

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This list was made with one thing in mind: mind blowing stats! With at least 1,000 yards per running back, these pairs made opposing defenders lose sleep at night. It is very rare to find a one-two punch in the backfield, where one player compliments the other, and both players are making an impact. But when it happens, it provides a huge offensive boost. Over the history of the NFL, there have only been a few great running back duos.  Here is our list of the best of the best.

#9 – Jerome Bettis & Duce Staley (2004)

The Steelers loved to use Bettis in short yardage situations in the red zone, while Duce would pick up most of the yardage elsewhere on the field, making a great pair. Jerome only had 987 yards in 2004; he did only start six games that season but still picking up 13 touchdowns on 250 attempts. Staley had 1,302 total yards that season, while running it into the end zone 9 times, on 269 attempts. This power and speed combo made all the defenses plan ahead, and most of them still couldn’t stop them.

AP Photo/Tom E. Puskar, File

AP Photo/Tom E. Puskar, File

AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

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