16 Good Old Faces To Watch In New NFL Places

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Career resurrection can happen because of many factors.

A new contract, new teammates or change in coaching to name a few. We believe, though, that a change of scenery is about the best tonic for a career that has flat-lined or become stale.

The lure of free agency and future financial stability is paramount to a lot of athletes, particularly NFL football players. It’s a fickle game where the average career span is much shorter than in other big time pro sports leagues.

This off-season, many veteran stars jumped ship and signed with new teams, such as Robert Griffin III — who had a miserable time in Washington — who is now captain of the Cleveland Browns offensive ship. We say good luck to him.

We’ve told you about how a few of these battle hardened veterans might be busts this season, but there are just as many, or more who will thrive in their chosen new venues. Here are 16 we think will impress their new owners and fan bases.

16. DeMarco Murray, RB – Tennessee Titans

The good news for DeMarco Murray is that he has won the starting running back job with the Titans. The bad news is dynamic rookie Derrick Henry, who was a Heisman winner at Alabama, is his backup. Murray floundered in Chip Kelly’s mess of an offence in Philadelphia last season, precipitating a trade to Tennessee where 4th round draft picks were also swapped. We think it was a heck of a deal for the Titans, in that Murray is only two seasons removed leading the NFL in rushing and will no doubt be looking to erase the bitter taste in his mouth left by that lone season in Philly. If the pre-season is any indication, the well-compensated Murray is looking pretty good. He rushed for 153 yards on 19 carries (8.1 yards per carry) and two TDs, one them a 71-yard romp against San Diego. Murray had 42 yards on 13 carries as the Titans lost and the Titans 25-16 to Minnesota on Sunday.

(AP Photo/Mark Zaleski, File)

(AP Photo/Mark Zaleski, File)

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