10 Teams Tony Romo Could Play For Next Season

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He’s hardly a forgotten man in Dallas, but with Dak Prescott’s emergence as “the man” in Big D, Tony Romo may be looking at an address change in the off-season.

Injuries have kept Romo from playing all but five games the last two seasons for the only team he’s known and even now that he is healthy, he might not likely see any game action in the playoffs. That is, unless rookie Prescott folds under the pressure of playing against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, which could cause all kinds of second guessing in the executive suites.

Going forward, though, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has to decide if he wants to keep paying Romo a team high $18 million into 2020 not to play QB — especially when he has Prescott under contract until 2020 for chump change (just over $680,000 per year).

So, Jones might want to consider getting a return on his expensive, but still capable, 36-year-old QB and make a deal or just cut him loose to the open market.¬†Knowing Romo and his love for the spotlight, he’ll want to go ideally to a contender in a warmer climate. We’ll see.

Here are 10 teams that could use Romo’s veteran arm, from least to most likely.

10. Buffalo Bills

Here us out on this one, and a couple after. We did say least likely, after all. The Bills haven’t had a bona fide pivot since Doug Flutie (1998-2000), and before him Jim Kelly. That’s an awful long time for the faithful to have to suffer a whole lot of bad signal callers. Should Jerry Jones either give Romo his outright release to negotiate, or trade him for whatever package he can get, the Bills would do well to find a way to fit his arm into their line-up for a few seasons. The tandem of Tyrod Taylor and E.J. Manuel has not been the answer in the Queen City. Taylor as a starter was 25th best in yards (3,023), 24th in TD passes (17) and 18th in QB rating (89.6). His only saving grace was the fact he tossed just six interceptions, but that is relative, since he was 25th in pass attempts (436). There are more cons to Romo going to Buffalo than pros, one being available money, two being no Dez Bryants on the roster and three Buffalo being a small market in a cold, not very glamorous place.

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