10 Most Revolting Fan Bases In The NFL

Source: jacksonville.com

Even by the lowest standards of fan behavior, the depths reached by football fans in 2015 know no limits.

We’ve chronicled the worst among sports fan bases in the past, shining the spotlight on the lunatic, the misguided and the plain old deluded. Sure, we’re not above shameless rooting, however, too many fan bases take things to a whole new level of psychotic.

Invariably, the majority of these sad, sorry and sociopathic fan bases reside in the NFL. Barely a week goes by without a cell phone camera capturing everything from fans pummeling each other in the stands, ridiculous tailgate antics or drunken louts peeing in concourse areas.

It’s enough to turn off the average fan from attending a live game, ever.

In what has been a heck of a year in the NFL already, with many feel good stories, there is still the ugly specter of disgusting behavior overshadowing the goodness.

Here are the 10 most disgusting fan bases in the NFL.

10. St. Louis Rams

Rams fans aren’t on this list because they care about their team and maybe get a little too loud or crazy. No, they’re here because they just don’t give a crap. To date, St. Louis Rams fans — put out because the owner wants to move the team to Los Angeles — have the second worst attendance figures in the NFL. Through five home dates, they are filling the awful Edward Jones dome at just over 80 percent (81.3) capacity. Now, if you really wanted to show owner Stan Kroenke you wanted the Rams to stay, you’d fill that crappy stadium week in and week out. The team, though, doesn’t give them a whole lot to cheer about, since they are 4-6 and haven’t made the playoffs since 2004. How bad is it in St. Louis?  Fans went absolutely snaky when five Rams’ players made a show of supporting Ferguson protesters.

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