Westbrook Vows Revenge On Pachulia After Flagrant Foul

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Wednesday night’s OKC-Golden State tilt, won 121-100 by the Warriors, was full of all kinds of storylines.

First, there is the whole Russell Westbrook vs. Kevin Durant drama, where the two still aren’t on speaking terms even though it appeared they shared a few words.

Then there was Westbrook’s enigmatic night, where he hit yet another triple double (his 21st of the season), but also turned the ball over 10 times, committed five fouls and probably perpetrated the worst traveling violation in the history of the NBA.

What no one saw coming, though, in this game within games was the egregious foul by Golden State’s Zaza Pachulia on Westbrook. The Warriors big man, who was whistled for a flagrant-1 on the play, then stood menacingly over his prone foe. Westbrook, who was in a foul mood after the game, wants retribution for Pachulia’s belligerence.

“I don’t play that game … I’m gonna get his ass back. I don’t when it is, I don’t know how it’s gonna be. I don’t play that game.”

Circle Saturday, Feb. 11 on your calendar, basketball fans, when the Warriors, up to 2-0 in the season series, pay a visit to OKC.

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