WATCH: Swaggy P Steals Ball From Teammate to Nail Game Winning Three

(AP Photo/Ryan Kang)

Nick Young, aka Swaggy P, had a highlight reel moment on Tuesday night against the Thunder, hitting a game-winning three pointer with just five seconds left on the clock. Even though game winning shots happen all across the NBA every night, this one had a special little twist, since Young intercepted a pass meant for his teammate before draining the bucket.

Lakers forward Brandon Ingram spun around his defender and tried to drive the lane. As help arrived, he kicked it out to sharpshooter Lou Williams at the top of the three-point arc. Williams was likely thinking about launching a three himself, but Young cut over from the weak side, snagged the pass before it could arrive, and turned to shoot his own three.

After the game he joked with reporters that he should have been credited with a steal for the play. No hard feelings though, as Williams posted an Evil Kermit meme to Instagram after the game poking fun at Young snatching the ball away from him in the dying seconds.

😭😂😭😂 good comedy. Good win

A photo posted by Lou Williams (@louwillville) on

The win moves the Lakers to 8-7 as they attempt to return to the playoffs after a few years of misery.

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