WATCH: Russell Westbrook Drops Thunderous Dunk With Seconds Left to Clinch Game

(AP Photo/Alonzo Adams)

Another day, another ridiculous Russell Westbrook highlight to add to the growing collection.

Just days after throwing down a dunk so ferocious that defenders scrambled to get out of the way, in fear of being posterized for all eternity, Westbrook was back at it. This time, the poor victim was Houston Rockets Clint Capela, who was trying desperately to defend, as his team trailed by just three points with seven seconds left in the game.

His efforts were all in vain.

Westbrook shook off his defender, streaked to the basket while taking the inbounds pass, and delivered a left-handed cram right into the face of Capela. If you listen closely, you can almost hear Jim Ross screaming “Bah Gawd, that man had a family! Dammit!” We may have made that last part up, but you get the idea.

Just look at this:

Westbrook finished with 30 points, nine assists, and seven rebounds and the Thunder came away with the victory. After the game, Westbrook told reporters that he promised teammate Victor Oladipo a left-handed dunk.

“I told Vic before the game that I’d get a left-handed dunk today, didn’t know when,” Westbrook said. “But I guess I saved the best for last, right?”

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