WATCH: Dwight Howard Challenges Heckler to a Fight After Losing to the Lakers

(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Dwight Howard’s time with the Los Angeles Lakers isn’t fondly remembered by, well… anyone. After Howard and his new team, the Atlanta Hawks, came away with a loss on Sunday night in the building he used to call home, one fan made sure to remind him of that fact.

While walking back to the locker room after a 109-94 Lakers win, a fan from the Staples Center crowd called Howard a “b***h.” That caused Howard to turn around and politely request that the fan join him in the tunnel (away from cameras), to say it to his face. Howards are promptly whisked away by stadium security. TMZ posted video footage of the entire incident.

Quite frankly, we’re curious how quickly Howard, who is 6’11” and 270-pounds, would maul the average NBA heckler to death. Luckily for this loudmouth, Howard was convinced that beating paying fans into a bloody pulp is probably bad for business.

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