WATCH: Brook Lopez Gets Owned By Monster Larry Nance Dunk


Oh. My. God.

Two pretty bad teams played last night in Brooklyn, when the Lakers visited the Nets. It was a game that no one really had circled on their schedules, and that likely includes fans of both teams. But the people who did watch, they witnessed what could easily be the best dunk of the year by Larry Nance.

Late in the third quarter of a close game, Nance dribbled over the halfway line, crossed-up Anthony Bennett and then unleashed a dunk so vicious on Brook Lopez that we suspect the Nets center will now be forced to enter Witness Protection.

Just look at this nastiness.

We send our condolences to Lopez’s friends and family. He will be missed.

The Nets got the last laugh though, winning 107-97 by pulling away in the fourth. Not that anyone cares.

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