The 10 Most Miserable Teams In The NBA

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Rajon Rondo has thrown some shade at his Sacramento teammates for not showing up for an optional shootaround.

Just another day in Kings-land, we say.

As the schedule grinds its way to the All-Star break, it was inevitable that a respected vet like Rondo would open his yap and give it to his team, what with a few days off for things to cool down.

Or, maybe it was Rondo’s way of lobbying to be dealt out of the mess that is Sacramento ahead of the looming (Feb. 18) post All-Star festivities trade deadline. Our money is on Rondo wanting to be gone, gone, gone.

The Kings would get many votes for “Team Turmoil” right now and we wouldn’t dispute the slag heap that George Karl presides over being the most miserable.

There are quite a few other candidates though, with good — and bad — win-loss records as well as good reasons to be miserable, that qualify. Here are 10 teams with big, black clouds hanging over them (in no particular order and won-loss record in parentheses).

10. Cleveland Cavaliers (37-14)

You can’t help but get the feeling the Cavaliers are just treading water right now. Even with a winning record and the “world’s best basketball player” on the roster, they fired the coach. Why? Probably due to a mutiny and a lot to do with the fact the team is throwing Tyronn Lue against the wall to see if he’ll stick. The team showed early promise under Lue, but bumbled and stumbled in recent games against Boston (104-103 loss) and Charlotte (106-97 defeat). Otherwise, these guys are no doubt miserable at the prospect that they have no hope in hell of beating the likes of Golden State, San Antonio or even the OKC Thunder in the finals, should they make it that far, that is.

(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

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