The 10 Loopiest NBA Trade Rumors Ever


The NBA trade deadline has come and gone, you can all wake up now.

In a snoozer of a deadline, there were 11 trades made, with the biggest name going elsewhere being Phoenix’s Markieff Morris (to the Washington Wizards). Yawn.

Other than the pitiful handful of deals that went down, there were many more rumors that hit the internet, only to be nothing more than a lot of hot air.

One of the best floated was a prospective three-team deal involving Al Horford (Atlanta Hawks), Miami’s Hassan Whiteside and Goran Dragic and the Houston Rockets’ Dwight Howard. The Rockets, who are underwhelming everyone this year, probably would have traded Howard for a bag of basketballs, just to get his contract off the books.

There were a few others that also fizzled, but it’s probably a good thing, in that overpaying for talent when the price is steep isn’t good business.

In the history of trade rumors there have been some doozies.

Here are 10 outlandish bits of basketball hearsay that — thankfully — never came to fruition.

10. Charles Barkley For James Worthy and Elden Campbell

The Round Mound of Rebound has never met a microphone he didn’t like, and in 1992 he used to lobby himself out of Philadelphia. Charles Barkley went on record that year, saying the Sixers weren’t giving him enough to work with to come close to a title. After that tirade, rival general managers started making inquiries to Philadelphia to see what it would take to get Sir Charles. Reportedly, the Lakers sweetened the pot the best, making three-time champion James Worthy and future champion Elden Campbell available to get him. In the end, however, the Phoenix Suns ponied up Jeff Hornacek, Tim Perry and Andrew Lang to win the Barkley sweepstakes. Chuck would never win a championship in his 16-year career, but he was MVP his first year with the Suns.



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