John Wall: Lack of National TV Exposure Hurting My Future Contract Chances

(AP Photo/Nick Wass)

The NBA and its Players’ Union have agreed on a new seven-year collective bargaining agreement (CBA), and it includes some extra provisions that allows veterans to cash in big.

A player like John Wall could earn up to 35 percent of his team’s salary cap under the new “designated veteran” rule. However, it’s not that simple. Wall would have to obtain certain achievements to be eligible, like making an All-NBA team. Wall says he’s concerned about those stipulations, because the Washington Wizards are awful and hardly ever get shown on national television coverage.

“I feel like it’s amazing and crazy because I had my best year, like, two years ago, my second year (as an) All-Star, I averaged 20 and 10 and was a starter but couldn’t make All-NBA team,” Wall complained, according to Candace Buckner of the Washington Post.

“So I mean, you want those individual accolades but it’s to the point that (if) you get your recognition, then you get it. You only get those (individual honors) by winning. When I did and had an opportunity to win, I still didn’t make it.”

Wall has been an All-Star for the last three years, but has failed to earn a place on the end of season All-NBA teams. The difference between making an All-NBA squad or not is quite a bit. Wall could sign a four-year contract extension worth $38 million per season if he makes one, or a three-year extension worth $33 million annually if he doesn’t. That’s a difference of $53 million over the lifetime of the extension.

Wall added that it’s hard to sway voters when they never get a chance to watch him play.

“We don’t play on TV a lot so a lot of people don’t get to see us play. If you don’t have NBA League Pass and stuff like that, you don’t see the things that I’m doing in the game or what we’re doing trying to win.”So if you ain’t checking on Twitter and stuff like that, you don’t know. All these other teams get a lot of TV games, that’s why they get these accolades from the media and fan votes. Until we get an opportunity to be on TV more, it would be tough for people to realize and see what I do.”
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