Grumpy Old Man Charles Barkley Says Warriors Play “Little Girly Basketball”


Charles Barkley was a hard-as-nails player back when he played in the NBA. Certainly, the game was much different in the 80s and 90s, but Barkley’s constant criticism of the Golden State Warriors, who somewhat revolutionized the game in recent years with their non-stop barrage of three-pointers, is really wearing thin.

Barkley’s job on Inside the NBA isn’t really to provide detailed analysis. It’s to be loud and somewhat entertaining. However, on Thursday night he attacked the Warriors for playing “little girly basketball.”

Here’s a clip of the segment:

Chuck may he a Hall of Famer, but all we can think about during this rant is this:


The Warriors have proven that you don’t have to build a team of physically tough grinders to compete, when you have small, fast players who can shoot the lights out. Sounds like Barkley is just jealous that he didn’t spend more time practicing his three-point shooting while he was still in the league.

Barkley has previously said that “jump shooting teams can’t win championships.” Golden State’s back-to-back trip to the Finals, including one championship, (plus their record breaking 73-win season), would indicated otherwise.

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