Derrick Rose is Missing and the Knicks Don’t Seem to Know Why

(AP Photo/Doug McSchooler)

Ninety minutes before tipoff, New York Knicks point guard Derrick Rose was named as a starter for the game against the Miami Heat at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night. Then he didn’t show up for the game and no one could really answer where he was.

The Knicks PR department released a statement that simply read, “He is not with the team.” But other reporters indicated that the Knicks didn’t actually know where Rose was, and were trying to get in contact with the former MVP.

Rose was confirmed as being with the team earlier in the day, as he attended the morning shootaround in Westchester. While fans worried out loud on social media about the whereabouts of Rose, they had to wait until after the game to hear anything more.

Teammate Joakim Noah said of Rose and the situation: “I don’t really want to talk about it because I don’t know what the situation is… He’s okay. I spoke to him after the game.”

Head coach Jeff Hornacek had similar comments about Rose’s whereabouts.

“Everything will become clear later on,” Hornacek told ESPN reporters. “You know, we want to respect whatever he’s going through. We’re just not going to comment on it.”

“Right now we don’t have enough information to really give you anything,” Hornacek said. “So that’s just going to have to wait until we hear something from Derrick himself. Other than that, if you want to talk about the game, ask away.”

Word started to trickle out around midnight that Rose had left the team to attend to a “family situation,” but that’s all anyone seems to know so far.

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