Controversial Call at The Buzzer Sinks Raptors in Sacramento

(AP Photo/Steve Yeater)

The Toronto Raptors rolled into Sacramento expecting a win. Maybe not an easy win, since travelling across the continent to play is never easy. But the Raps are one of the best two or three teams in the Eastern Conference, and the Kings are a lowly 5-9, going nowhere fast in the ultra competitive Western Conference. They had lost four straight contests before Sunday night’s game.

However, the Raptors found themselves in a real dogfight. Down three with just 2.4 seconds left, the situation looked grim for the Dinos. Then Terrence Ross hit a miracle off-balance three pointer as the buzzer sounded, the force the game into overtime.

At least, that’s what everyone thought happened.

The officials reviewed the play, as they do all buzzer beaters, and determined that the clock did not start on time, since DeMarcus Cousins actually tipped the inbounds pass before Ross hit his shot. They ruled that had the clock started at the right time, Ross would not have released the ball before time ran out. They called the shot off and the game was over.

The Raptors were furious about the call, as you can see.

According to the NBA’s official referee Twitter account, here is how they determined that the basket was no good.

Toronto head coach said after the game that he wasn’t satisfied with the explanation given, claiming he was not convinced by any of the evidence he had seen so far. Point guard Kyle Lowry was even less forthcoming, offering up a handful of “no comments” in an effort to avoid being fined for criticizing the officials.

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