15 Best Dunkers in the NBA

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Every major sport has a signature play or move that can electrify the crowd and get fans on their feet. Not many can do it like a good slam dunk. The dunk gets players on the bench waving towels, sportscasters waxing poetically and spastically, and fans roaring in approval. Highlight reels are full of impromptu rim rockers from high school, college and pro games. The NBA All-Star Game Slam Dunk competition, too, has provided a treasure trove of the game’s giants strutting their stuff. It has always showcased the superstars’ ability to defy gravity, from Michael Jordan’s massive leaps, to Vince Carter’s awe-inspiring magic at the dunk jamboree to Blake Griffin pounding it down with authority.

15. Dwayne Wade, Miami Heat

He may be a little long in tooth  (he just turned 32), compared to his junior teammates like LeBron James and Chris Bosh, but Wade can still bring the rock to the bucket, in a big way. Listed at 6′ 4″ (though some say he is actually 6′ 2″) Wade is among the shortest of the big-time NBA dunkers. Playing on an increasingly creaky frame that includes wonky knees, Wade is still the undisputed king of the poster dunk. One particular dunk, early in his career, signified his athleticism. Tim Duncan, who is six years and at least seven inches taller than Wade, found out just how nasty getting dunked on by Wade can be. The pre-LBJ Miami Heat were taking on Duncan’s powerful Spurs when Wade, a shooting guard, found a lane to the net. Duncan, a centre, moved to try and swat away Wade’s attack to the basket, only to have the much shorter Wade throw it down with a straight arm poster dunk.



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