10 Of The Worst Individual Records In The NBA

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It has been an entertaining couple of NBA seasons watching the Golden State Warriors add to the record books, on an individual and team basis.

Last year, Klay Thompson had a quarter for the ages, dropping 37 points in a game in a single frame vs. Sacramento on Jan. 23 to set that mark. Thompson also tied the mark for most field goals made in a quarter with 13. While his bests are impressive, we all know the whole game — and half — marks of 100 and 59, respectively, by Wilt Chamberlain are totally safe.

Stephen Curry, the three-point making machine, tied and set a couple of marks of his own in 2015-16. He made 12 of 16 three point attempts in a 121-118 victory over OKC on Feb. 27 to tie the single game mark (shared by Kobe Bryant and Donyell Marshall). He also smashed his own record for three pointers made in a single season, draining an unthinkable 402 total (the previous record was 286, which he set the year before). The Warriors would also go on to break one of the most important team records — most wins in a seasons — when they notched W number 73 in their final regular season contest.

All of this record breaking got us to thinking about the darker side of personal feats, those being the epic failures in a game and in a season.

Here are 10 of worst individual marks set during a game and a season.

10. Quickest Disqualification – Bubba Wells

Charles Richard “Bubba” Wells career arc pretty much matched the dubious record he set in a single game, fouling out in three minutes. Yep, we said that, six fouls in three minutes and then the heave-ho. The shooting guard out of Austin Peay got in 39 games (2 starts) with Dallas during the 1997-98 season (averaging 3.3 points and 1.7 rebounds) and wasn’t heard from after that. But, his awful game against the powerful Chicago Bulls on Dec. 29, 1997 will live on in infamy. Mavericks coach Don Nelson, looking for a way to beat the powerful Bulls, sent Wells in to give poor free throw shooter Dennis Rodman the business to get him to the line for some misses. It backfired horribly, as Rodman made 9-of-12 after each Wells foul.

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