10 NBA Awards No One Really Wants

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In terms of the NBA’s best, there really isn’t much argument — or surprise — about just which teams and players will scoop awards and win championships.

Might as well just back the truck full o’ trophies up to the Oracle Arena.

Stephen Curry will be the unanimous MVP and the Warriors should march relatively unscathed to another championship. Add to the haul Steve Kerr’s award for Coach of the Year.

There will be a little more drama and debate about the best sixth man, best defensive player, rookie of the year, comeback player, most improved and executive of the year.

On the flip side of the coin, there have been just as many players, coaches and executives who have dropped the ball, so to speak, during the 2015-16 season.

For that, we have come up with 10 “awards” for the worst that the game has wrought since opening tip-offs last October.

10. The Pillsbury Dough Boy Award For Most Turnovers – James Harden

It’s a good thing that the Houston Rockets James Harden is the NBA’s second leading scorer, because he’s awful when it comes to coughing up the rock. Little wonder the Rockets are left to fight it out with Utah for the last playoff spot in the Western Conference, with horrible play like that. Harden has given the ball up 373 times this season — which is a new NBA record — the most by far of any qualified player in the league this season. That translates to 4.6 per game, which we think is unacceptable. In his defence, he has averaged 38.2 minutes of floor time a night, but c’mon, 373 turnovers! He is in good — or bad, depending on your POV — company, as Russell Westbrook is second with 342 and John Wall is third with 318.

Source: denverpost.com

Source: denverpost.com

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