10 Highly Debatable NBA All-Star Snubs

(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Every winter, the NBA holds a big dance in another city, and every year some wallflowers never get invited.

The all-star festivities in Toronto on the Valentine’s Day weekend give the spurned lover thing credence. And with the Celebrity teams and coaches Drake and Kevin Hart chaperoning themĀ andĀ Sting providing musical accompaniment, it’s almost like a prom.

With the reserves officially announced then, for the West and East all-star teams, the talk turns to those left off the roster. Last year, there were a passel of players given the cold shoulder, including Damian Lillard, Dirk Nowitzki, Kyle Korver, Mike Conley and Monta Ellis being among them.

This year’s playground dunk-fest is no different and some of the exclusions are quite surprising.

We have put together our list of snubs, based on highly scientific research (we have the tongue-in-cheek thing going on). It includes five from the East and five from the West (with video evidence of skills), in no particular order.

10. Damian Lillard, PG – Portland Trail Blazers

We’re not sure what more Lillard could do to make the NBA all-star team, other than ask for a trade out of Portland so he can get more recognition and votes for the starting team. Because he deserves to not only be on the reserve squad, but could also be in the starting five. Lillard is sixth in NBA scoring, ahead of starting guard Russell Westbrook (24.3 PPG to 24.1 PPG) and way ahead of reserve guards Klay Thompson (20.9) and Chris Paul (18.6). In addition to his points, Lillard also shoots an admirable 37.6 percent from three point territory and dishes out over seven (7.1 exactly) assists per game. That he was snubbed last year was pretty inexcusable. We’re not quite sure what to call it this year.

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