‘Wild Thing’ Charlie Sheen Responds to Social Media Campaign to Throw Out First Pitch at World Series

The Cleveland Indians are in the World Series and fans want Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn to take the mound.

Vaughn was the main character in the 1989 film Major League, played by the often controversial Charlie Sheen. Now that Sheen seems to have toned it down with the “rock star from Mars” comments or talking about his “tiger blood” and “#winning”, Cleveland baseball fans have started a social media campaign to have him throw out the ceremonial first pitch before Game One of the World Series on Tuesday.

Their calls have been heard, as Sheen himself responded on Twitter, saying he would be honored to throw out the first pitch, should team management ask him.

Someone tell the Indians sound guy to get “Wild Thing” cued up on the stadium P.A. system, because Ricky Vaughn is coming to throw heat!

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