WATCH: Bill Murray’s Champagne Soaked Interview With Theo Epstein

Screenshot via FOX

Bill Murray may be a comedy legend, but he’s also known for being one of the biggest and most recognizable celebrity fans of the Chicago Cubs. He is regularly seen at games, and was a fixture in the stands during the Cubs’ 2016 playoff run that saw them finally end their century-long World Series drought.

When you’re someone like Murray, you get extra clout around the ballpark. On Wednesday night, that included being allowed into the Cubs locker room to take part in the celebrations. Always the performer, Murray took a brief break from the party to interview Cubs president Theo Epstein, who proceeded to spray champagne in the face of the Ghostbusters and Caddyshack star.

“It does burn, it’s a good burn,” Murray cried. “I guess this means I get a 10-day tryout or something.”

Epstein, meanwhile, said he’s going to be off the grid for a few days.

“I told (general manager) Jed (Hoyer) he’s in charge for the next month. I’m going on a bender,” Epstein declared, according to’s August Fagerstrom.

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