Top 10 MLB Free Agent Sleepers

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Now that we’ve told you who the top 10 free agent pitchers and top 10 free agent position players are, time to turn our attention to the best of the rest.

Whether we didn’t include them in our other top 10s, that they are under-rated or just plain flew under the radar all year, there are players major league teams will want to be mindful of this off-season. Some of them will come cheaply, while others may get a boost from the mega millions they make already.

Two players at the top end of the free agent food chain, pitchers Tim Hudson of San Francisco ($12 million in 2015) and Joe Nathan of Detroit ($10 million) are both 40 and will either fetch one-year contracts, or retire. Our money is on retirement.

As for the rest, it’s hardly a rogues gallery, with plenty of fairly good players to be had. Here are 10 position players and pitchers (in no particular order) who will attract plenty of attention in the winter months.

10. Alex Gordon, LF – Kansas City Royals

Gordon just missed being in our top 10 position player list, if only for his age (31) and statistical comparison to other outfielders available. But, you can’t put a price, sometimes, on picking up a proven winner who gets on base — a lot. The Royals were reported to have offered the left fielder a qualifying offer of $15.8 million for one year, just slightly up from the $14 million he made this season with the champion Royals. Gordon was an all-star for the third year in a row and hit a tidy .271 in 104 games. His on-base percentage of .377 was stellar, with 49 walks in 422 plate appearances. Where he has fallen off a bit is in power numbers, especially since hitting a league leading 51 doubles in 2012. He is also a great fielder, having won four gold gloves and in line for a fifth after making zero errors this season (197 chances).

 (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

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