The 10 Best Baseball Movies Ever Made

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Movies are always a fun escape from reality, no matter what the genre. But if you’re a sports fan, they can serve more of a purpose than just an entertaining way to pass the time. While there are typically still going to be elements of comedy and drama mixed in, sports movies can also inspire and motivate. Being that it’s spring time, and the boys of summer are back in the ballparks, there is no better time to wipe the dust of some of these baseball classics to get you in the mood to play ball!

#10 – 61* (2001)

Starring: Barry Pepper, Thomas Jane

Directed by Yankee ambassador Billy Crystal, 61* follows the true story of Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle’s quest to break Babe Ruth’s single season home run record of 60. At a time where Mantle was heralded as the “Golden Boy”, Maris was treated poorly by sportswriters and fans alike. Ford Frick, the commissioner at the time, stated that unless Ruth’s record is broken within 154 games of the new 162-game format, the record would then forever have an asterisk beside it for all of history. Juggling the circus in New York takes its toll on Roger Maris, who was a very private person and just wanted to play the game the right way and not be hassled.

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