6 Managers on the MLB Hotseat

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

The employment span of a manager (or general manager) is usually not an enduring one. There are only 30 of them in baseball and the position encounters plenty of turnover every couple years. It can be thankless at times. Becoming the scapegoat is typically the end of every tenure, in an effort for a franchise to save face with their fans. There are five new men on the block this season. Even though they are new qualified hires, they could easily be gone with a poor start to a season. There is no factual way of knowing how good a manager is. It’s not really quantifiable. Ironically though, ask Red Sox Nation why they feel John Farrell is the best manager in baseball and they’ll give you 1000 answers. With a decent season, led by strong performances from their players, these men will have nothing to worry about. However, if things even start off mediocre, or downright bad, expect these managers to be the first ones looking for new employment.

6. Ron Roenicke, Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee’s front office has never been gun shy. During an off-season press conference for the signing of pitcher Matt Garza, they claimed that, “they fully expect to compete for a playoff spot”. While that is entirely possible, its not overly probable either. With Roenicke on his 4th, and final, year of his contract, swift action will most likely be taken with any kind of slow start.

AP Photo/Chris Carlson

AP Photo/Chris Carlson

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