15 Biggest Rising Stars in Major League Baseball

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To call the young talent at the major league level an embarrassment of riches is being very conservative. As the league has become multi-cultural, so has the talent pool deepened. From the four corners of the globe young hot shots come to compete in the best baseball league, bar none, in the world. With all that talent also comes youthful exuberance and mistakes, whether baseball or life related. One of those talents is Los Angeles Dodgers Cuban-born outfielder Yasiel Puig. Blessed with speed, power and a big arm, the Dodgers rookie has also proven to be immature and in the case of his driving, reckless — so much so he had to hire a driver.

15. Jose Altuve, 2B Houston Astros

Venezualan born Altuve is not a wet behind the ears rookie, as he enters his fourth season in 2014, but at 23 he is sublimely talented and a key cog on a very young Astros’ squad.  Voted the 10th best major league second baseman according to USA Today, Altuve is the face of what was a very bad Astros team in 2014 (they won a major league low 51 games and lost 111). Yet, with Altuve’s bat ( he hit .283) and his speed (he swiped 35 bases) and his improving defence Houston should easily improve on last year’s dismal record. Where Altuve could improve is not getting caught stealing so much (13 times in 2013) and his on base percentage (.313, with only 32 walks in over 672 plate appearances). Otherwise, expect big things from Altuve in 2014.



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